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BPC-157 Peptide Vial

BPC-157 peptide is a synthetic peptide with potential therapeutic benefits for promoting tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and supporting joint health.

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BPC-157 Peptide Vial Malta

BPC-157 Peptide Vial for research purposes. Available in 2mg, 5mg and 10mg Peptide Vials from PharmaGrade.Store. Discover the benefits and research surrounding BPC-157 peptide products here.

Filtered white lyophilized solid BPC-157 peptide supplied in a sterile glass vial.

Advantages of BPC-157 Peptide Vial:

The benefits of using research peptide vials supplied by PharmaGrade.Store Malta are:

  • Accurate dosing: Peptide vials provide precise and reliable measurements of dose, ensuring precise research results.
  • Easy Storage: Peptide vials are convenient to transport and store, which maintains the purity and efficacy of the research peptides.
  • Safe Packaging: Glass peptide vials provide sterile packaging, which reduces the chance of contamination ensuring product purity.
  • Prolonged Shelf Life: Glass sealed vials can extend the life of peptides and maintain their integrity.
  • Convenient Dispensing: The BPC-157 peptide vials have easy to use dispensing mechanisms, making it simple to withdraw the correct dosage.


When purchasing BPC-157 Peptide Vial from PharmaGrade.Store Malta you will need Bacteriostatic or Sterile Water to reconstitute your chosen peptide before using for your research studies. View the full range of research consumables here.

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2mg vial, 5mg vial, 10mg vial, Kit: 2mg vial, syringes & bac water, Kit: 5mg vial, syringes & bac water, Kit: 10mg vial, syringes & bac water, 2mg Vial Twin Pack, 5mg Vial Twin Pack, 10mg Vial Twin Pack


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